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Favorite Phantom of the Opera Links

Musical Resources:
- Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera
- The Really Useful Group
- Ken Hill's The Phantom of the Opera

- Broadway

Performers' Sites:
- Hugh
- D.C.
- Jeremy Stolle
- Laird MacKintosh

Phantom of the Opera Fan Sites:
- Phantoons of the Opera - Simply the best phan art site on the internet!  From legendary phan artist, Raphael.  See his fine art, "Phantoons," and links to his entertaining blog.
- Vintage Phantom Archives - Tumblr site dedicated to everything Old School Phantom.
- All Things Phantom:  My interview on the (then) weekly online radio talk show dedicated to all things relating to the story of The Phantom of the Opera.

Costume and Makeup Sites:
- Maria Bjornson's Costume Design for The Phantom of the Opera  (presented by Operafantomet, start here first!!)
Anéa's Phantom of the Opera Recreations
- Operafantomet/Anea's Costume Resource Tumblr

- Enchanted Sea Studio:  Phantom replica costumes, other replica and original costumes and accessories (costume commission)
- Kate-Ations FX
Phantomess Costume Resource
- Viscountess Designs:  Phantom replica costumes, Phantom fashion bows, fashion design (costume commission)
- Phantasma Studio:  Phantom replica costumes (costume commission, located in The Netherlands)

Makeup Resources:
- FX Warehouse (sells an Andrew Lloyd Webber-inspired Phantom prosthetic, as well as everything you could ever need for makeup)
- FX Supply (great resource for supplies)

- Stage Makeup Online
- Stage and Theatre
- Alcone Company