3D Gel Deformity

How to use Mehron 3D Gel to create a deformity for The Phantom of the Opera.

- 3D Gel by Mehron
- Hot water
- Q-tip or wooden stick to move Gel around
- Foundation/Concealer or CreamBlend makeup
- Eye liner/shadow for color highlights/lowlights
- Lipstick/color
- Mehron Barrier Spray
- Spirit Gum
- Spirit Gum Remover


Pros of 3D Gel:
- Easy to use
- Easy to remove
- Fewer steps involved
- Can be applied over/in hair (comes right out)
- Cheaper than everything associated with latex!


Cons of 3D Gel:
- Not as authentic looking as latex
- Does not stay adhered well to skin around the mouth and nose, especially if worn for long periods of time



Applying 3D Gel
1. Clean face
2.  Heat up a cup of water on stove or microwave (must be HOT)
3.  Submerge bottle of 3D Gel in hot water and allow Gel to liquify
4.  Apply to face (be careful that it is not too hot - could burn)
5.  Create desired dimensions by moving Gel on face
6.  Allow to set
7.  Apply foundation or CreamBlend makeup delicately to face using a sponge
8.  Use eye liner pencil or like utencils to create color and lowlights on the disfigurement
9.  Apply lip color as desired
10. Once finished, spray Barrier Spray on face to set the colors and prevent them from rubbing off.

Makeup artist Kate Daley demonstrating what effects can be achieved with gelatin materials. 
Photo copyright 2007 Kate Daley.  Used with permission.
Check out more of her work on her website, Kate-Ations FX!

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